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We had the grandkids over for Thanksgiving and set up a bounce house.  For the first time in a long time, we were all able to “rip and run” in socks or bare feet throughout the yard.  No stickers, no tall weeds, no ant beds, no anything.  It was great!  We had to adjust our muscle memory to not look for or imagine stickers on socks or close. This was worth the investment.  We can’t wait until next year. Thank you Emerald Lawns.
The Horns -Driftwood, TX

Luke and his folks have been great! Whenever I’ve had questions or needed some help, he was right there. They are always prompt, courteous and thorough. I would recommend Emerald Lawns only to those people who want a great lawn and great service.
Mr. Waites -Austin, TX

I admit, I know just enough about lawn care and maintenance to consider myself dangerous. The staff at Emerald Lawns takes the difficulty out of lawn care. Luke and his team are extremely knowledgeable in their field and know how to solve a problem or make suggestions on how to improve the appearance of my lawn. They treat each and every lawn care situation as if they were treating their very own, and they exemplify what it is to be a customer service oriented company. Everyone I have come in contact with from Emerald Lawns has always been professional, polite, helpful, and easy to work with. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation. Just because I am uneducated in lawn care doesn’t mean my yard has to appear that way, and I appreciate that such a friendly and professional group of people can make a difficult job so much easier for me.
Ms. Albert -Round Rock, TX

Emerald Lawns saved my lawn and thousands of dollars! My husband and I loved everything about our new home, except the lawn. The lawn had been sodded with poor quality sod, and was not watered properly, so we had a lawn of various crab grasses. It was ugly, uncomfortable to walk on, and quite the eye sore. I originally contacted Luke for an estimate on re-soding the yard, but after a careful inspection, he turned down a job worth thousands, with the promise to me that, with regular treatments and proper watering, he could create the lawn we wanted. And, in a few short months – HE DID IT! My yard that used to be the eyesore of the block became the envy of everyone!
Ms. Rimes -Round Rock, TX

I have used Emerald Lawns for almost a year. They have been and excellent source or information about the soil here in Texas, I moved from FL., and they have been always on time with applications for the yard. The young men, who work for the company, as well as Luke, are polite and helpful. They always let me know when they are here. They leave the bill on the front door and do not disturb the dog next door.
Mrs. Campion -Austin

I’m so thankful for the great work Emerald Lawns has done with my lawn. My lawn was an absolute nightmare and it didn’t seem to matter what I did to it, it just stayed a mess with all kinds of weeds and brown patches. Emerald Lawns came and brought sanity back into my lawn and now I have a nice green grass without weeds. Thanks again for the time and energy you spent taming my lawn.
Miss Crowley

Since turning most of my customers on to Luke and his guys we not only are able to achieve our goal of having the healthiest looking lawns but also with their knowledge makes them able to control fungus, ants, and grubs before a problem occurs. They are a 100% asset to my company.
Rick Welch -Crazy Horse Lawn Care/Georgetown

Luke Hawthorne is very professional and does exactly what he says he will do. He is very trustworthy and he knows what my lawn needs. He checks our lawn in between feeding to make sure all is well. I can guarantee that he is conscientious and your lawn will look great.
Jeff -Round Rock

My lawn has truly never looked so good! Even using other lawn services, I could not control the fungus problems. This past summer I had a beautiful lawn all summer. Luke and his staff reply promptly to any concerns — are competent, courteous and conscientious. They use quality products and yet are priced below their competitors!
Mr. Glaser -Round Rock