Tree & Shrub Care

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Our Tree and Shrub Service keeps your landscape looking great:

Root Zone Fertilization

We use a custom deep root liquid fertilization that is injected directly into the root zone where they need it the most. Once in the spring and once in the fall time is enough to keep your ornamental landscaping nourished all year round.

Insect and Disease Control

Our Insect and Disease control applications provide a healthier, more attractive landscape. It also protects your landscape investment by preventing and curtailing damage caused by insects and disease. We use systemic pesticides when possible for reduced environmental impact.Systemic pesticides are actually absorbed by the plant itself. They circulate through the plant’s tissues, killing the insects and diseases that afflict it.

Dormant Oil

Our dormant oil treatment helps eliminate insect eggs. This helps to reduce the landscaping feeding insect population during the spring and summer months. Dormant spray oils have an emulsifier added to allow the oil to mix with water for easy application. The oil kills insects by either suffocating them (covering up breathing tubes) or by directly penetrating the outside cuticle and destroying internal cells.

Landscape Bed Mulching

We offer mulching for your landscape beds using only the highest quality all natural dark mulch. Not only does mulching really help your beds “pop”, but it is important to help retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil beds.