Bed Mulching

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Our mulching will have your lawn turning into a thing of beauty in no time!

The number of benefits that our high-quality bed mulching provide are numerous. Our mulching helps keeps weeds out of your lawn. Don’t forget that weeds are not only unsightly, but they also take nutrients away from desirable plants and greens!

Mulching also helps hold in soil moisture which is critical for any Texas lawn due to the high heat

Additionally, mulching moderates soil temperature which keeps the roots cool in the summer and protects the roots from frost in the winter. Last of all, having us use our mulching service on your lawn adds some beneficial organic matter as it breaks down. That’s one smart way to keep things eco-friendly and green!

Mulched lawns and gardens are healthier and much better prepared for drought than non-mulched lawns are.

Something we always stress to our customers is that prevention tactics before you notice an unhealthy lawn is one of the best ways of having the most attractive and damage-resistant lawn possible. Applying our specially-crafted mulch is a time-saving service for down the road and something we’d be happy to do for you. Are you in Austin, Buda, Kyle or Manor and need mulching? Contact us today to start lawn mulching.