Our Program

No Contracts, Pay as you go. We do offer service calls in-between treatments. We spot treat all broadleaf weeds, insect and disease activity with each round of service if necessary and applicable.

Round 1 – Root Developer

This round introduces active, living microbial activity. Your root stimulation increases and your soil is prepared to maximize the benefits of future applications. This step provides:

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application containing probiotics for your soil.
  • An increase of root stimulation.
  • Soil pH is balanced.

Round 2 – Revitalizer and Weed Barrier

The application of Holganix along with fertilizer and pre-emergent allows for reduced rates of these inputs while achieving better results. It’s great for both your lawn and the environment.

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application.
  • Slow release fertilization.
  • Pre-emergent for Bermuda/Buffalo grass lawns.

Round 3 – Spring Color Burst & Growth Enhancer

Now is the perfect time to feed grass to promote growth for the Spring.

  • Slow release fertilization provides long lasting green color.
  • Pre-emergent for summer annual grass and broadleaf weed prevention.
  • A pre-emergent will be applied to Bermuda/Buffalo lawns that started too late for Round 2.

Round 4 – Stress Reliever

This round provides nourishing food to sustain health combined with turf-damaging nuisance pest control at reduced rates.

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application.
  • Slow-release fertilization.
  • Special attention for summer turf insects and disease.

Round 5 – Rejuvenator

Applying Holganix Granular helps the grass uptake fertilizer at a steadier rate. This minimizes surge growth and provides a more consistent food source for your lawn.

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application provided probiotics for your soil.
  • Slow-release fertilization.
  • Living biology keeps the soil balanced.

Round 6 – Recovery

Holganix Granular with fertilizer sustains microbial activity in the soil and feeds grass at a steady rate.

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application.
  • Slow-release fertilization.
  • Organic matter helps sustain vital microbial activity.

Round 7 – Harmonize & Weed Barrier

Holganix is applied to inoculate soil and prepare it for winter, in conjunction with fall fertilization and winter weed prevention. This gives you a strong, healthy, beautiful, balanced and weed-free lawn all winter long.

  • Holganix Bionutritional Application
  • Slow-release fertilization
  • Pre-emergent for winter annual weed prevention.

Round 8 – Weed Barrier & Soil Conditioner

We apply pre-emergent sulfur to make your lawn able to withstand the winter.

Have questions about our service rounds? Great! Call us at 512-990-2199 or at 254-870-0027 in the Killeen, Temple/Belton area for more information. We’ll be happy to help you out.