Top Dressing

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Our lawn topdressing service: the single best thing you can do for your lawn

Golf course managers know that topdressing is one of the most impactful actions you can take to improve the health of your turf. They have been doing this to golf courses since the sport was invented back in Scotland. Topdressing the lawn is the process of applying compost over the surface of the lawn. Compost is inexpensive and very effective in green up the lawn quickly. An annual application of nutrient-rich organic material promotes healthy root and soil structure by infusing the soil with beneficial microbes and essential minerals, increasing soil aeration, improving drought resistance and relieving compaction problems. It is ideal for poor soil quality/quantity.

Nutrient-rich organic matter

The soil mix we currently use is 20% ground cottonseed, 20% turkey compost, 20% dairy compost, 30% pine humus and 10% sand. We believe that a high amount of organic matter adds essential nutrients to your existing soil. This helps build up the soil flora and adds the right biological components for a healthy lawn year round.

Improved soil drainage

Sand and compost components help reduce soil compaction that is caused by clay soil. This will increase water drainage in your yard to prevent water from just sitting on the surface. This will help your lawn retain water and therefore, grow to levels it hasn’t been to before. As you know, water is very good for maintaining a healthy lawn and the more water that penetrates the soil, the better off your lawn, no matter what type it is, will be.

Helps to level the lawn

We use professional topdressing machines to make sure there is an even layer spread across your yard. The evenness of the layer ensures that the lawn is getting an adequate amount of topdressing everywhere. This helps keep your lawn level which makes it easier to manage and more eye-catching.